Automatic feedrate
1 Choose the right tool (Diameter & Style)
2 Make sure your machine meets the tool requirements for speed and power.
3 Assemble the tool holder correctly
4 Insert the Formdrill into the tool holder and tighten the nut very tightly
5 Insert the tool holder in the machine spindle
6 Clamp your work piece securely
7 Make sure the distance between work piece and drill bit is limited
8 Set the correct spindle speed for the tool
9 Set the correct drilling depth
10 Set the correct feedrate (between 0.1mm/rev. and 0.15mm/rev. or spindlespeed divided by 10)
11 Lubricate the tool
12 Perform the drilling operation in a constant downward motion (no dwelling!)
13 When depth is reached make sure to retract the tool as fast as possible
14 Observe cycle time and drill color
15 Adjust when needed the speed and feedrate (Step 8 & 10). To much heat: Lower Rpm or increase feedrate or both
Working with Flat style drills
Attention: A hot chip is produced - use a guard to protect machine operator and surroundings
When a Flat style Formdrill is used you need to accelerate the feedrate just before the cutting starts: See video
This acceleration will increase tool life of the cutters significantly
The length and shape of the produced chip is a good indication: See picture